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There are steps you can take now to help increase your chances for having children in the future. Learn what behaviors can harm fertility, and what measure you should take to preserve your fertility.


Does age affect men's fertility?


Studies have begun to increasingly show that men over 40 years of age are at an increased risk for producing children with more chromosomal abnormalities that can cause a higher rate of miscarriage for their partner. While many of the studies are yet to be totally conclusive, it appears that autism and schizophrenia are also increased in children fathered by men over 40 years of age.

What are my chances of conceiving?


A healthy woman who is 30 years of age and trying to conceive will have a 20% chance each month of conceiving, while a healthy woman who is 40 years of age will have only a 5–10% chance of conceiving each month.

Does smoking harm fertility?


Yes! Smoking ups the likelihood of a tubal pregnancies, cervical cancer and pelvic infections. Some studies show that in vitro fertilization, the leading assisted reproductive technology, has a lower success rate among smokers than non-smokers.

When does a woman's fertility start to decline?


Fertility potential will take its first subtle dip at around age 27 and then accelerate at a
downwards pace beginning at around age 35.

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